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Women's Product

Brand women’s clothing of online fashion is the demand of women’s clothing in the development of the times.

For the clothing market, it promotes the diversification of the latest women apparels in women’s styles.

At the same time, women’s clothing of different brands also represents the local history and culture and national spirit, and also makes women’s clothes more colorful.

Brand women’s name is the perfect combination of the two words, but in the current stage of the Internet.

It is no longer so simple, in the popular online language.

It is rich in low-key luxury, high-profile taste; elegant in line, superior to the heart.

The quality is the most understanding of the woman’s heart, the style is the most moving woman’s heart.

The Latest Autumn Outfits

Women’s Sweater, basically refers to machine or hand-knitted sweater.

In the primitive life, human beings use the leaves and hides to cover the body.

In the fishing and pastoral life, they know how to use the techniques of weaving.

With the evolution of civilization and the invention of science and technology, humans not only make full use of all kinds of animals and plants.

Natural fibers are used to weave the items needed for life, and a variety of chemical fibers and mineral fibers have been developed to make human life more comfortable and convenient.

Women's Winter Product

Women’s down jacket is a kind of women top that keeps cozy in winter.

This kind of clothing has three layers.

The outermost layer is called face. It mainly uses some thicker colored or patterned fabrics.

The middle layer It is a cotton that has a strong warming effect; the innermost layer is called a lining, and it is generally made of a relatively thin fabric.

There is also a cotton quilt that is made by separating the face and the warm layer of cotton.

The cotton quilt has four layers. When you wear it, you only need to put the warm layer in the lining. They are connected by zippers or buttons.

Stand Out With Strange Fashion

Have you ever looked at a fashionable item of clothing and felt confused?

If so, your confusion may have made sense.
Last month, high fashion brand Balenciaga released a “T-shirt shirt”, which is a shirt sewn on the front of a T-shirt. The unusual design has certainly confused a lot of people.
But the “double shirt” isn’t fighting alone 2018/6/27 on the frontier of strange fashion.
Ever since US shoe manufacturer Crocs released its famous hole-filled foam shoes, so-called “ugly fashion” hasn’t showed any signs of slowing down, the Business of Fashion website noted.
British designer Paul Surridge believes that the rise of ugly fashion is a sign that people are bored of looking perfect all the time.
“(Fashion) thrives on novelty,” he told the Financial Times.

Indeed, fashion is all about changes. Something that’s considered uncool one minute can then turn out to be the latest must-have fashion item the next.

But throughout the history of fashion, when any new trend appears, most people tend to hate it, before it eventually becomes loved.
As Italian designer Miuccia Prada told The New York Times, “Maybe because it is newer, ugly is attractive. Ugly is exciting.”
Meanwhile, popular social media fashion bloggers also help people to pick up new ugly fashion trends.
These bloggers express themselves through their clothes, showing their unique personalities and making statements with their wardrobe choices. However, as Clever-ish Magazine noted, just being comfortable in your own skin could actually be “the best look”.
“I personally love having a unique expression, because without ugly fashion and diversity, we’d all look the same,” Australian fashion influencer Zanita Whittington told Fashionista.
“I appreciate anything that’s out of the norm.”

The Brand Story of Chicii

We are a team of business English majors from Wuhan Qingchuan University, being passionate on Cross Border E-Commerce. The name of our team is “Jianwangdou”, which is selected form every participant’s name.

There are three participants in our team:

Kaddy Wang, the commander of our team, spent our of his time on doing the search engine optimization of every product.

Cocoon Lee, who is in charge of propagandizing women’s product and our website.

Echo Luo, mainly responsible for the website construction and banner design.

The reason why we chose Chicii as our website name is every ladies product on sale on our website is both chic and stylish.

It is the last year for us in college, therefore we took part in a CBEC competition, aiming to not only perfect our major skills but also learn more at school.

We franchise women apparels online, all of the latest ladies autumn outfits selected were elaborately chose from Aliexpress. The standard of selecting product is that it must be in high quality as well as low price.

We had much experience on operating on DHgate, Wish. Everyone in our team holds the view that your satisfaction  is our top priority.

If you have any suggestions/complaints/advice, please feel free to contact us on Contact Us page.