Edelman executive: which is more important, knowledge or experience?

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Experience is more important for people with competence (because experience is another form of competence).

For people who are not capable, knowledge is more important (because learning knowledge is the carrier of ability).

For those who are very capable, he can develop knowledge from knowledge, experience from experience, and wisdom from experience.

Knowledge and experience are insignificant and not important.

The ability to lead and grasp the role, knowledge and experience has only become a means and stage for doing things.

For him, practice is important.

Knowledge and experience are important for dealing with complex issues with new issues.

For a person who abides by the principle of doing things, there is enough knowledge and experience is more important.

For a person who constantly breaks through and improves his or her abilities, knowledge is more important.

For a person with higher intelligence, he will balance the relationship between knowledge growth and experience accumulation.

So knowledge and experience form an interaction.

Knowledge and experience are of the same importance. He does not think about the questions you ask.
As far as human civilization advances, knowledge and experience are complementary aspects of each other’s transformation.

Knowledge is the result of solidification, and experience is the message of movement.

If experience plays a leading role then experience is more important, and if knowledge plays a leading role then knowledge is more important.

As far as a person’s growth is concerned, knowledge and experience are often combined, and it is meaningless to pursue which is more important.

When the elders sum up their own life practices, because of their own growth characteristics and cognitive style.

In fact, true knowledge and real experience belong to two different fields, one is the objective world and the other is the subjective world. They are incomparable and cannot tell who is important.

Knowledge or experience for executive, which is more important? Have you got your own answer?

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