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Dresses can highlight a woman’s body figure.Wearing dresses can attract people’s eyes.The skirt represents the gentle and lovely side of the girl


A skirt refers to a kind of clothing that is placed around the waist, mostly for women.

The dress is a kind of clothing that surrounds the lower body.It is one of the basic forms of the bottom. Skirts in a broad sense also include dresses, petticoats, skirts, hakamas, and waist skirts.

It is the earliest clothing of mankind. It is widely accepted because of its good ventilation and heat dissipation performance. Easy to wear. Free movement. Beautiful appearance, and many changes in style. Among them, women and children wear more.

Wearing a skirt will make you more eye-catching, reflecting the gentle and lovely side of a girl. comfortable in the summer.Wearing a skirt is a unique privilege for girls.

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